Monday, February 15, 2010


We painted tithing jars tonight ... well we attempted to paint the jar.

Gavin - very focused on his painting



Monster Jam

Ash took Gavin to the Monster Truck Jam this past weekend. He got to ride on Trax (the intercity train system) and see these cool trucks. He was very impressed by the fork lift that turned the trucks back over.

Grave Digger overturned but being helped with the fork lift

Gavin and his friend Collin

Misc Pictures of the kids

Just a few silly pictures of the kids in the last month.

Gavin showing us his muscles. What makes this picture funny to us? Well, after
putting on these sunglasses, he changes his pajamas to match his glasses.

Corbyn and "his eyes"
Notice the the gash on his head - he hit the desk at full speed

Judson - our little book worm

Corbyn, Gavin and Judson


Gavin took his training wheels off when we returne from our Christmas trip to Texas. On February 8th he DID IT!

Fire Station Adventure

At the first of February our Preschool studied fire safety so therefore a trip to Springville Fire Station was a must. The kids loved it. They let them climb into the trucks, touch just about everything on the trucks and even got to pretend drive the first fire truck for Springville - a 1935 truck that actually still works. (I actually learned the diffence between a fire truck and a fire engine - the engine has the ladder.)

On the 1935 Firetruck
L to R: Corbyn, Bennett Scott, Chloe Petelo, Judson, Gavin,
Delanie Morley and Addisyn Morley
Gavin got to try on a REAL fireman's hat

A quick look at all the tools

Gavin climbing in a fire engine

Judson and Corbyn Turn 2!!!

We still can't believe that two years has passed...can we say it seems like its all a blur...but two years later look at our super cute little boys. They love tractors, tractors, and more tractors. Corbyn said to me, on his birthday, "I love tractors". They have a love/hate realationship...fight hard and play hard ALL the time. I find great joy watching them play and can honestly say at this point ... it is fun to have two at the same age. Below are some pictures of their 2nd birthday party. We played at Jumping Jacks and then had pizza, cake and ice cream at home.

Their birthday cake

Corbyn at Jumping Jacks

Judson at Jumpking Jacks

Their tractor cake - I tried at least.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Random Posts

These are random posts but some funny things the kids are doing.

Who ever said that a Preying Mantis could not drive a out!

Gavin loves this motorcycle set (has been playing with it every afternoon for about two weeks now). A few days ago he said that his motorcycle was broken, therefore needing to be fixed. He found some "ramps" to help with the fixing process.

I had run upstairs to grab everyone some clothes after breakfast. I came down the stairs to this cute view. I must say, my heart melted as I watched three little boys reading books that morning.

Judson going down the slide at the park. He thinks he is so big now.

Corbyn playing on a tree branch...swaying as Judson moved the branch.